Happy Father’s Day (and some rage, because what is Father’s Day without rage?)

Happy Dad’s Day, Dads!

I want to thank you for being dads in an unconventional way. But first, a long story!

As you may know, I work at a small local health food store where we assist customers with a range of highly personal needs. The least personal? Colds. The most personal? Wiener rashes.

And fairly low on the personal scale comes menstruation. Why is it low on the scale? Because half-ish-percent of the population menstruates.

Okay, Dads. You’re probably thinking, what does this have to do with Father’s Day? I’ll get there. Chill the F out.

A woman came in last Monday, a regular. She was looking for an iron supplement because her daughter had just started her — check over shoulder, drop voice really low — period.

Naturally, I said, “Sorry? My ears are clogged up from my insane allergies. Can you speak a little louder?” Because I like to keep my bitchy on the sly.

After making her repeat the word twice more (for her own good). I said (at normal volume), “Oh yeah, I always take some extra iron for a week before my period and while I have my period. I feel that my period isn’t as heavy and my period seems to be more regular when I take iron for my period.”

Sink or swim folks. That’s how I do.

She took it in stride, and I felt that I had taught her a little. We talked brands and prices a bit and she said, “Yeah, I was telling my husband I thought she should take iron, and he was all like, ‘Ah! I don’t want to know. Do what you think is best, la la la lalalalalala.'” And then she giggled. GIGGLED. Like it was funny that her husband was afraid of her own lady parts.

So here it is. Thank you, dads who are not this dad. Thank you for not being disgusted in the fact that your daughters are different than boys. When were scared of our own bodies and not old enough to understand or appreciate our menstruation, thank you for standing in line at 11 p.m. with a giant crinkly pack of Carefree and three mixed boxes of Tampax* (*your choice to buy in bulk) while we stayed at home and cowered from the loss of our childhood behind YA fiction about girls who were knights (just me?).

And THAT’S how you bring feminism into Father’s Day. Katie out.


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