I sent this to NBC news today because I hate them.


I watched your craptastic show tonight and thanked the shitty economy that my journalistic career never started.

I saw you first warn the audience that the following picture would be graphic, and then you showed a still of Brown-Turner holding a gun up to Donancricchia just before he shot him. I thought, “Hm, hope his wife was ok with that image being rubbed in her face.” But I let it go.

A few minutes later, I heard that same warning, “May be too graphic blah blah blah,” but I could see the glint in the woman’s eye as she could practically SEE the people sitting forward on their couches for the death and destruction that she was about to show us. Yippee!

Then we, the American public, got to see the exact moment, the EXACT FREAKING MOMENT, when a pilot and a wing walker had the life snuffed right out of their bodies! And we didn’t even have to pay for cable! Thank God for their sacrifice, right? That probably boosted the shit out of your ratings!

I am no prude. Show sex on TV. Go ahead, do it. It harms none. But violence for the sake of ratings that is so pathetically veiled in journalistic truth is bullshit.

You can consider your show dead to me. You can put that on your show, “NBC is dead to local woman! She will never watch us again! The following video may be too graphic for some.” And then you can show a video at the EXACT moment I shut the TV off. Ratings!

From now on, I’ll get my news from any passerby, as that would be about as reliable as the news I get from you, minus the outright exploitation.

Without hope for humanity,
Katie O’Shaughnessy


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