I’m Baaaaaaack!

Holy Crap. I’ve been gone so long, the WordPress dashboard changed and I don’t know how to function. What the hell have I been doing with my life that I couldn’t post in a year?

A whole. damn. lot.

Basically I had a total health crash. Just obliterated. Totally messed up, shaking sobs at my desk at work, joints falling out of sockets (not literally), eye blowing up (not literally), all that kind of stuff. I’ll dive deeper into that in the next blog post because today’s is just a quick one to prove that I’m still alive (though I listen to enough true crime podcasts to know anyone could have stuffed my body in a garbage can, hacked into this account, and started writing a blog post. You’ll never know).

But I’m back because I missed reaching out to all of you and the way you reach back to gently caress my blooming ego with your little internet hands.

So what have I been doing?

Healing. And a million other things, but mostly healing. After my TOTAL breakdown, I cold-turkeyed that particular med and changed my food habits, and I feel freaking amazing.

So let’s ease back into this relationship. Let’s not spend so much time together today that we need another 1-year hiatus. Here are the cliff notes for my last year:

  1. We adopted a cat! And somehow she doesn’t upset my allergies (she’s a Bengal and they’re “known” to put off fewer allergens, but I think that’s also mostly bullshit, so magic?) She was up for adoption because she’s cursed. I hope my dude and I are the owners that survive.
  2. Got a new rheumatologist who rediagnosed my ankylosing spondylitis as psoriatic arthritis, but *not really* because the tests really didn’t point much out (more on my crazy test results in a coming post!)
  3. Started a new drug at his recommendation that caused a meltdown at work that probably freaked the hell out of my co-workers (more on that in a coming post!)
  4. Learned what foods my joints and muscles like the best and overhauled my diet (more on my food adventures in a coming post!)
  5. Worked on a health coach program (more on that in a coming post!)
  6. Graduated from a yoga teacher training course, so I’m now a 200-hour registered yoga teacher (more on that in a coming post!), which means I can put this badass little symbol in my email signature LIKE A BOSS:


As you can see, there are many upcoming posts. Maybe I was just stalling this whole year until I had more material. I didn’t really analyze it too much.

So tell me what’s new in your lives! Part of why blogging is difficult to keep up is that it’s not as interactive as having a dialogue, but I want to dialogue with you, my tiny-internet-hand friends! Comment below and tell me how you’re doing!

Love, kisses, and all that shit,



6 thoughts on “I’m Baaaaaaack!

  1. Glad you’re alive. We were just talking about your missing self the other day with a bunch of Carthage folks. Miss your face Homeplate! 😉


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